Why it is Important to Maintain Your Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is one of the most important parts of our day to day life. It is said that being fit is key to your health while your health is important in your fitness. Also important is the relationship between the health and fitness. In addition to healthy eating, regular exercise is also important if you aim at keeping your body in perfect shape so as to reduce the chances of suffering from heart attack or stroke. A healthy mind and body will also mean that you are better placed to enjoy a longer enjoyable life absent of worries of being obese or suffering another illness that results from it such as cholesterol issues or diabetes.With time people’s opinion of health and fitness has greatly changed such that people have became more and more aware of the necessities of remaining healthy and have also come to appreciate the positive aspects of remaining fit. Positive health concerns maintenance of at least the minimum level of health and fitness such that your body is always remains looking and feeling good. It is also paramount that we retain such physical fitness that will help us manage and enjoy our daily routine and lifestyles. Our health and fitness is determined by very simple things such as how we live, things we eat as well as the leisure activities we choose in addition to other things that we do in order be physical fit. The following are some of the reasons as to why it is important to maintain your health and fitness.1. By maintaining a certain fitness level you get the healthy feeling as a result of increased energy and vitality which makes you feel good about yourself as well as your life.2. By keeping fit you are able to manage your day to day activities easily as well as keep you body in perfect shape. The result of this is that your personal esteem gets boosted which in the end leaves you feeling good hence making you efficient in all your work.3. By just ensuring that you are fit your life’s quality is improved which results into great standards of living since you are in a position to prevent yourself from heart related diseases.4. Health and fitness is quite effective at stress reduction and it usually results in improved performance.5. It yields good results at checking on weight as well as body shape.6. By maintaining your health and fitness you will be in a position to participate in sports as well as other outdoor activities.It has been shown through research that maintaining ones health and fitness is not only beneficial to the young, but is also important for the old. Aged people have also shown that maintaining one’s health and fitness will increase aged peoples mobility and improve their body functions. Millions of people suffer chronic illness such as heart diseases, diabetes, colon cancer as well as high blood pressure.However, maintaining one’s health and fitness will keep these ailments at bay. It is for this reason that private and public sectors are asked to join hands and encourage physical activity for all ages such as walking programs in local communities as well as schools. There should be incentives to all those who lead inactive lifestyles in order for them to get active and as a result maintain their health and fitness.

Ensuring Effectiveness in Your Quest For Health and Fitness

The quest for health and fitness has always been an aspiration of almost each and everyone out there. However, with the “obstacle course” along the path to the goal, a lot of these aspirants seem to fall behind, and later on, simply quit.You may begin to ask yourself, “If getting healthy and fit is so advantageous for the person, then why do they quit just like that?” Well, most often, these people were actually misinformed or perhaps they misunderstood and created a different set of expectations in their minds about this quest.Most people expect that they instantly see visible results such as smaller arms, smaller waists, or smaller bellies. However, those kinds of results take time, perhaps 2 to 4 weeks the earliest. If this is not the case, some people expect this to be easy – no effort in exercising, no tiring routines, no adjustments in their diet and food intake, etc… Well, it doesn’t work that way. If you are on a quest for health and fitness, you are going to have to modify your lifestyle – especially your routine and what you eat.Two telltale signs that you’re on the right track:1. Feeling Better Inside and OutWhen you exercise, your body releases endorphins, otherwise known in general terms as the “happy hormones”. These hormones make you feel ecstatic and active. Have you ever experienced being so excited that you’re so optimistic and everything seems possible? That’s how endorphins make you feel. So when you exercise regularly, you feel like this constantly! Who wouldn’t want this feeling to be constant, right? So you feel really good inside!Two words: energy boost. That’s what the right set of routine and diet does to your body. You get to do more things as your body releases endorphins, you’re feeling more optimistic, more ecstatic – it’s like a natural high. So with a natural high, you can do more things – happily and without any complaint. So basically, it’s the endorphins that make you into a better individual, inside and out – in this case.2. Bad Habits Lose their AppealWhen you are exercising the right way, you have more energy, you feel good – you don’t find the need for your “bad habits” anymore. Smoking will lose its appeal, drinking will suddenly seem unhealthy, and so on. Exercise and unhealthy habits just don’t mix.These two simple telltale signs can guide you into the right direction and help you accomplish your quest for health and fitness. Go, go, go!

Health and Fitness Emotional Freedom Techniques From PTSD

For folks that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and yes, PTSD is real; it can be a living hell. A psychological nightmare that never ends and if you’ve ever met anyone suffering from this, you’d know just how serious it can get. When you do or if you have then you realize that until they are over this problem through therapy or the new Virtual Reality re-conditioning technologies, there can be no emotional freedom.According to a recent RAND Report “there are over 1.7 million service members returning from the conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan that may be among those who face mental health problems.” That statistic alone is scary and the percentages of PTSD are much higher than you might think. Rehabilitation is expensive, but necessary, because someone with damaged psyche can hurt themselves and others around them, and even if they do not go off physically, they can hurt those around them mentally and emotionally.The health and fitness of a returning soldier is crucial and their ability to adjust back does affect us all. Emotional Freedom techniques in this real require counseling, and that costs money. New virtual reality systems are very effective and yet they cost money too. Pre-conditioning too does wonders for our men and women in uniform, which are deployed into unnerving situations.Those who have had their friends and comrades blown up or killed in front of them by a random roadside bomb tend to be the worst off. Feeling helpless, and having survivor guilt, and so when they come back, adjusting into the world of yuppies, lattes, and la la land, surrounded by folks who just don’t understand. See the problem?